About Imago

Imago Relationship Therapy, a state-of-the-art theory of working with relationships, was developed and co founded by Dr. Harville Hendrix & Helen Hunt. Imago is a Latin word which means image. We each hold an unconscious image within composed of the positive and negative characteristics of those people who took care of us as a small child. This unconscious image, or blueprint, causes us to become attracted to a person who holds those positive and negative qualities of our parents. How many of you have thought: “I think I married my father!”. We all do this. It is a natural healing process and this is a person with whom we can heal and grow. When we actually commit and make the journey together, we are given the opportunity to heal the wounds we carry from the past and grow beyond our own self-imposed character structure and defense system. If we stretch to see the world from our partner’s eyes, we gain the ability to be in a relationship with another person — most of us are only in a relationship with the image we hold in our minds of our partner, not our partner. As we become aware of our partner’s world, become aware of our own character structure and childhood wounding, become responsible for our part, and become a more Conscious Person, we create the possibility of being able to create a Conscious Relationship. By working with the theory and techniques of Imago Relationship Therapy, you may find yourself finally getting what you’ve always wanted, finally “Getting the Love You Want.”